Delorme InReach Explorer


Navigate, create waypoints, log your trip and find your way back. Send and receive text messages. Trigger an interactive SOS. Plan, track and share your journey. You can do all of this from one rugged handheld device with 100% global coverage from Iridium. You can also pair it with your mobile device to access topographic maps and U.S. NOAA charts.


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inReach satellite communicators allow you to stay safe and connected anywhere in the world. From outdoor enthusiasts and boaters to hunters and recreational pilots, inReach allows you to send and receive messages, trigger an interactive SOS, track and share your trip anywhere in the world. Give your friends and family peace of mind knowing they can contact you no matter where the adventure takes you.

inREACH pairs with smartphones and tablets (bluetooth).

Only inReach users get FREE access to our Earthmate app, which includes unlimited downloads of topographic maps and US NOAA charts. Plus, Earthmate allows you to conveniently use all of the inReach features on your paired mobile device (iOS or Android).

If you love getting away from it all?whether it?s by land, sea or air?then you need an inReach. Many people misjudge the availability of cell coverage in remote areas. The reality is that 90% of the earth?s surface still lacks consistent, reliable coverage since most cell towers are located where people live, not necessarily where they enjoy outdoor escapes. Smartphones frequently do not work when traveling in remote areas or in extreme weather conditions, and international roaming charges are expensive. inReach helps you stay in touch no matter where your adventure takes you.

inReach is designed to be a complete satellite communications solution that starts with planning your trip at home before you leave, enables you to stay safe and connected anywhere your adventure takes you, and gives your family and friends peace of mind knowing they can ping your location, follow your tracks and exchange messages with you all along the way. A computer is required to setup and configure your inReach.

  • Global Satellite Connectivity ? Connects to the Iridium satellite network for 100% global coverage with no fringe areas or black-out zones. Send and receive messages or automatically share your tracks with anyone during your entire trip.
  • Visual and Audible Notifications ? Intuitive LED and audible chirp indicates when a new message is received, power is on or off, and other important information.
  • Long-Lasting Battery ? Internal, rechargeable lithium battery lasts about 100 hours at continuous operation at 10-minute tracking intervals with a clear view to the sky. Extended tracking mode can extend battery life even more for long-haul trips.
  • Two Recharging Options ? Use the standard micro-USB cable with a wall, car or solar charger, or the optional powered RAM mount accessory.
  • Rugged and Ready for Any Adventure:
  • Color screen and virtual keyboard with predictive text for standalone two-way messaging.
  • Rugged, dustproof and impact-resistant (Mil-STD-810G for shock; IP67 for dust).
  • GPS accuracy to /- 5 meters.
  • Water rating: IPx7 (withstands incidental water exposure; tested for submersion at one meter for 30 minutes).

InReach requires a either a Freedom Plan which carries a $24.95 annual fee and allows you to choose to activate a plan on a monthly basis as needed?OR an Annual Contract which has lower monthly fees. ?See? for more details on plans from Delorme.