Helinox Camp Table One


The Helinox Table One is the indispensable piece of gear that you never knew you could have while out on the trail. ?It’s compact, light, super strong, and adds an element of civilization to your wilderness trek that you didn’t know was possible. ?Why balance your meal on your lap when you can have an actual table? ?Eat and drink with convenience without hiring a Sherpa to carry the table. ?It’s 610 grams – that’s less than 22 ounces. ? The table measures 23.6″x 15.7″ x 14.2″ and is rated with a 50 kg capacity.


With a pair of built in drink holders, this table is very convenient and it’s so light that you won’t believe it when you first pick it up. ?Once you use it once, you’ll be hooked.

Weighing in at a mere 610 grams but able to support up to 50 kilograms, the Helinox Table One is an engineering masterpiece. ?DAC’s TH72M alloy is ultralight and super-strong and state of the art three dimensional engineering takes this piece of outdoor equipment to a new level of performance, functionality and reliability.