Black Lives Matter

First off, we recognize that some people are not interested in hearing a company's philosophy or beliefs on social matters.  We do not plan on The Hiker Box making public statements (beyond this one) or becoming a civil rights social media platform.


In the past few weeks it has seemed making a statement surrounding Black Lives Matter has become an important branding opportunity for companies.  We have not wanted to pay lip service or jump on a bandwagon just because it seems the trend.


That said, Hiker Box, LLC is comprised of two members - Jessica and Tom - and we personally believe Black Lives Matter.  This is not something we are willing to debate.  Black people are  treated unjustly by our system and it needs to stop.  We are working on listening and learning about how we can help fix the system and be better allies.  


We do not think this statement will be shocking to anyone truly listening to us since we opened our doors.  But we want our values to be transparent to our customers and allow those who have a different opinion to shop elsewhere.


Thank you.

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