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A ComfyBody Suit for Your Furry Friend
Your dog will jump for joy when they see you take out this full-body polyester fleece coat. They'll know that they're going to spend quality time outside with their best friend while also staying warm and cozy during walk time.

We make it easy to get your happy pup out the door in record time. Just slip this cute onesie over your dog's head, put the paws and legs through each sleeve, attach the leash through the generous opening, and you're ready to go.

Durable Materials & Craftsmanship
All of our dog coats are made with your furry friend in mind. We use strong, tough materials, with quality stitching, to ensure that everything stays intact and functions as it should. This coat is built to last.

Everything Your Dog Needs 
Easy to Use
We make it easy for you to get your dog ready to go outside and have fun. You'll appreciate how simple it is to put this fancy-looking suit on your dog. Just pull it on and slip their paws through the jersey cuffs. Snap on the leash through the opening and head out the door. Getting the pup outside has never been easier.

Stylish & Warm
Your dog will be the envy of all their dog friends around the fire hydrant in this fashionable grey coat with fun geometric patterns and snap-off hood. It will keep them warm in cool weather, so they can better enjoy their time outside. If you keep your house temperature cool, it will keep your dog warm and cozy indoors, too.

Functional & Practical
Our SnoJam Soft Fleece Dog Body Suit onesie includes a snap-off hood, so you can quickly put it on or take it off, as needed. The extra-long jersey cuffs can be extended for long legs or folded for shorter legs.

SnoJam Soft Fleece Onesie Features:

  • Easy on and off
  • Opening for leash attachment
  • Snap on hood
  • Extra-long legs that can be folded
  • Proudly designed in Minnesota

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